Yummy Dairy is one brand that produces top quality of cheeses and yogurts. Yummy Dairy uses fresh milk that deliver from Yummy Dairy farm to Yummy Dairy factory. In processing, Yummy uses hygienically process. So if you want to give your family the best one, you will choose Yummy Dairy. The first product of Yummy Dairy is yogurt. It is fermented milk that has acid taste and its texture is liquid. There are many benefits of yogurt for our body such as maintain digestive system, maintain bone health, hearth health, lose weight, etc. yogurt can be consumed directly or consume with mix with some fruits. For yogurt products, Yummy Dairy has Yummy Yofit, yogurt, and Greek yogurt that has many flavor such as strawberry, blueberry, original, orange, peach, etc.

The other products that produce Yummy Dairy are Cream Cheese. It is a young cheese because it does not go through the maturation process. So it must refrigerate. It has soft texture likes butter. Cream cheese usually become as main ingredients in making cheesecake and other desserts. Cream cheese brand of Yummy Dairy has many variants such as Cream Cheese Neufachatel, Ricotta, Mascarphone, Cream cheese light, Sour cream, Crème Fraince, and Fresh cheese

Both of Yummy Dairy products namely yogurt and cream cheese can be processed become healthy menu such as salad, cheesecake, and other healthy menu. yogurt and cream cheese contain calcium, protein, fat and other contains that is good for our health body. Calcium that contain in both products can help your child grow, and probiotics that contain in yogurt product can be proven to help digestion.

So if you want your family becomes healthy, you and your family must consume Yummy Dairy products that keep the quality and become the favorite brand of yogurts and cream cheeses.

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